I see the way you looked at me*

Missed connections are the narratives of love and relationships embedeed in U.S. urban landscapes, the ways in which culture shapes emotional urban scenarios, the acumulated responses to human interactions in the public space that we never pursued, the things we didn't say, the words that remain kept for us, the incapacities to socialize, the exhaustive task of romanticizing the present, of imagining scenarios that we cant make happen.


From 2015 to 2017 I worked with anonymous stories of people that searched for strangers online by posting adds on a section of the craigslist website called missed connections. I visited the maped locations of the stories and photographed the landscapes of such scenarios. I wrote to people, I did interventions in public spaces, I tried to capture the solitude in such places that speak for the solitude of the individuals writing in missed connections.

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